WE Clark & Son


– Web & visual design
– Wireframing + UX
– Site planning & design research

Established in 1819, W.E. Clark & Son is a family-run jewellers with showrooms in Lewes and Eastbourne. Specialising in the production of bespoke jewellery, W.E. Clark & Son pride themselves on their heritage, customer service and comprehensive range of services.

Working with Magento Developers outer/edge and the team at InTuition, I was commissioned to design a new eCommerce website. I helped with initial planning and site architecture, and produced wireframes to help visualise how each feature might best meet key business objectives.

The new site needed to both drive visits to the physical stores and generate online sales. whilst conveying the heritage of the nearly 200 year-old family business.

With a clear idea of the site objectives and a good feel for the personality of the company, I refined the branding, combining a new typeface and colours with a simple grid-based layout. I wanted the design to give the content prominence whilst encouraging user engagement.

Working ‘mobile first’, I developed a new look and feel in mobile and desktop versions of each template.