Caledonian Sleeper / Assertis


– Wireframing + UX
– Design research
– Web site and Mobile application design

Assertis are specialist online and mobile rail-ticketing solutions experts, operating and online ticketing for Northern Rail. Assertis were awarded the enormous challenge of designing and delivering a multi-platform ticket booking and information service for the Caledonian Sleeper, an overnight train service connecting London with Scotland.

I was invited to work on the visual design for the new site and booking engine, which was part of a complete re-brand and wider-ranging overhaul of the train service.

I initially evaluated existing online booking systems, considering which user interactions might work given the complex user journey and booking options. We had to consider how interactions such as selecting and editing seats (each with a range of travel and passenger options) would work on a diverse range of devices and screen sizes. So together with the team I produced wireframes of the key stages and interactions, working through the process to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Helping to develop the branding and working within the technical requirements, I then created a visual style for the website and booking engine, creating assets and responsive templates for mobile, tablet and desktop.

This project required tremendous planning, research and thought – it was a great project to be involved with and I am really proud of the outcome.